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"Nothing is more the child of art than a garden."

Sir Walter Scott

We have a large selection of plants, some needed, some necessary and some, just because we like them. Most of our plants are chosen to suit the very particular climate of Island life and the vagaries of the weather in the Channel Islands. We can experience a calm wind- free day that changes to weather usually reserved for out-crops of Greenland. However, we can advise those plants best suited to a particular garden.


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Trees, Shrubs & Hedging

Above any plant, the tree is the one thing defines a garden or a space. It adds gravitas, majesty and proportion to ...

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Fruit, Vegetables & Herbs

To be the architect of you own food supply is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself, and the ...

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A houseplant is a garden plant for another country. It is a way of spanning the miles and being a very green, one de...

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Perennials, also called herbaceous plants, are the beauties of the flower garden. They have the colour punch, appear...

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We love our wonderfully fickle, frivolous but absolutely marvellous English roses. A gift brought to our shores in t...

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Conifers are the caretakers of our wildlife during the coldest spells and they are the backbone of our gardens all y...

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Bamboo & Grasses

Bamboos are one of the best the wind instruments of the Garden orchestra, always moving, swishing and humming gently...

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The thing about climbers is that they truly have no backbone. They require other plants to lift them towards the sun...

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Bedding plants put their heart and soul into the one big Hurrah of flowering and give up to their next generation. S...

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Seeds & Bulbs

Seeds are very much the chicken and egg of the plant world. Which came first? The truth to be found in the seed is o...

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