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“Properly trained, a man can be a dogs best friend”

Corey Ford

For millennia, man and dog have worked side by side to hunt for food, conquer new lands and protect the home.The thing about dogs is that they will like and love you unconditionally. This is an uncommon thing indeed and an incredibly rare trait in the human world. When you call, they will come to you, when you ask them to lie down they will do so. If you teach them they will return sticks to you and may even round up sheep for you. Your dog will echo your energy back into the world, so treat it with the same respect you would want to be treated with yourself and you will have the happiest and smartest pooch on the road. Dogs are pack animals that operate on a leader - based system. If they see you as the leader, then your life with them will be relatively easy and very fulfilling.

For the Ultimate Dog

Collars and leads - A large selection to suit all shapes and makes of dog – please bring your dog in to be fitted or measure your dog before coming in. We can order for you as well.

Food - We have have a wide selection of quality brands - Royal Canin, Hills Science Plan, James Wellbeloved, Origen, Winalot and all of the Pedigree ranges, Fish4Dogs, Ancol, ....

Dog Bowls and utensils - We sell the ones we like best – easy

Dog Beds – We have a HUGE range – measure your dog or bring them for a try before you buy!

Crates - all shapes and sizes

Grooming and Training equipment


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