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Environmental Policy

Ransoms Garden Centre takes all environmental issues very seriously and not only do we strive to be as environmentally aware as possible, we also encourage our customers to consider it when making their purchases and in their method of gardening.


Recycling is a way of life at Ransoms and we encourage our customers to do the same. With a compost bin, you can increase your recycling potential. We recycle our cardboard, paper, green waste, and most of our display stands (through the auctions).

Saving Water

We try to limit the amount of water we consume as a business and offer a range of products for you too to save water. These include water butts, trickle and drip irrigation and the use of environmentally suitable planting. At Ransoms we have a vast number of plants that require a lot of watering, however we have recently switched from overhead watering to hand watering through the week, cutting our water consumption by 30%.


By recycling your fruit & vegetable peelings, grass cuttings and the rest of your garden waste, you can produce well-rotten garden compost. This can be used as a soil improver to enhance plant growth and is great on a vegetable patch. We sell the States of Jersey Composter for a bargain price of £10. We make no money on this item in the hope that all the residents of Jersey will take composting to their hearts!

Ransoms use a special green waste skip which is taken to the States compost site. After composting it is then re-used by the public.

Water Butts

Almost 10,000 average litres of rainwater falls on our house rooves each year, so by collecting it in a water butt, you have a ready source of water that can help keep your garden looking lush and green. We keep them in stock all year round and they help both you, your garden and the Jersey water supply hugely.

A water butt can be connected to a downpipe so that it collects rainwater from your gutters. If you are using a downpipe, you will also need an overflow pipe or a rain diverter to redirect water into the butt. Once it’s full, water will then continue to flow down the drainpipe. A gutter filter will also keep out unwanted debris.

Life and Living

We offer many different products that benefit your health, encourage wildlife and generally make the environment we live in a better place. Look out for our bee hotels, bug hotels, hedgehog houses and butterfly houses. All of these animals help to either keep down the insect population in your garden or pollinate flowers and therefore produce honey or pollinate the farmers crops.

FSC Policy

Ransoms Garden Centre has a policy of sourcing wood based products from suppliers who ensure the timber used is accredited to FSC standards (Forest Stewardship Council) which ensures for every tree that is cut down one is planted. Where available the FSC logo will be displayed along with their certification number.

Peat Policy

Ransoms Garden Centre shares public concern in reducing peat use to minimise the effects of global peat extraction on peat bog habitats. Many viable peat alternatives exist, which are either completely peat-free, or of reduced peat content. Our suppliers have improved labelling and information on their packaging, enabling our customers to make informed decisions about peat alternatives when purchasing growing medium. 

Our commitment is to: provide trialled and tested viable peat alternatives, sell growing medium products supplied by reputable and responsible companies and ensure information is available so that customers can make informed decisions when purchasing growing medium products. We stock a range of  high quality growing medium that is fit for every gardening  purpose and meets government guidelines. Further information may be obtained from the Forest Stewardship Council via their web site www.fsc-uk.org.

Championing local Jersey,  French & British Produce we use local Jersey and British and French suppliers wherever possible. We believe in responsible sourcing and treating our suppliers fairly.