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"It is what you read when you don't have that will determines what you'll be when you can't help it"

Oscar Wilde

The written word is one of greatest gifts that can be given and one that we give rarely. Read a book, write a card or just keep a journal, whether a gift for yourself, a message to a friend or a diary to the future, each of these activities will add more to your life than almost any object can. Our cards range from the sublime to slightly rude and witty. Our books cover gardening, cooking and childrens activities and stories, our stationery is, quite simply, fabulous.

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From the witty to the sublime, the funny to the serious, the Happy Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, retirement to the '...

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A book is your most solid ally when it comes to the basics of life. They are ideas, thoughts and messages embalmed b...

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Whether writing a card or sending a letter, the art of letter writing is to not only to send a message, but to creat...

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