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Garden Sundries, Tools & DIY

 "Space and light and order. Those are things that men need just as they need bread or a place to sleep."

Le Corbusier

The landscape of your garden should combine function and form, each of equal importance, so whenever you require the space to perform a function, you should ensure that it is the most attractive, beautiful, elegant or fun thing that you can possibly create. To that end, we supply many items that will help you achieve such a goal, from statues to greenhouses, fountains to sheds and fencing to flooring.

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Click to view Compost, Bark & Soil Mediums

Compost, Bark & Soil Mediums

This is the not so liquid gold of gardening. The trick is to select the right compost for the right purpose and ensu...

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Click to view Fertilisers & Chemicals

Fertilisers & Chemicals

Plants need food, and depending on where the plant comes from and the job it has been bred to do, they sometimes nee...

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Click to view Manual Garden Tools

Manual Garden Tools

We have a broad range of manual tools for the garden, from spades and forks to secateurs. We have everything the avi...

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Click to view Power Garden Tools

Power Garden Tools

In the world of gardening power tools refer to the slightly less glamorous lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chippers (mo...

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Click to view Watering Equipment

Watering Equipment

The ability for man to move, control and transport water is perhaps one of the misunderstood reasons for man kinds s...

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Click to view Propagators & Growing Aids

Propagators & Growing Aids

These are truly gifts that do keep on giving and one propegator can give you the start of a seasons worth of vegatab...

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Click to view Birds & Wildlife

Birds & Wildlife

The most important aspect of your garden is that, not only is it your work of art, it also interacts, sustains and a...

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Click to view Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves

One of the most needed and the most underrated items you may need in your garden are your garden gloves.

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Click to view Outdoor Lighting & Heating

Outdoor Lighting & Heating

Modern garden lighting comes in so many different forms and it not only adds to the quality of how you use your gard...

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Click to view Eco Life

Eco Life

The greatest part of caring for the world is that whatever you do does matter.

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Click to view Hanging Baskets & Kits

Hanging Baskets & Kits

The excellent thing about hanging baskets, is that they are entirely portable and form unique little landscapes in t...

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Click to view Traps & Deterrents

Traps & Deterrents

We all hate having to talk about this stuff but yes, we sell traps and we sell deterrents.

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