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Fertilisers & Chemicals

"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes."

Douglas Adams

Most garden chemicals are quite simple to use, yet they are considered 'science' and therefore are often regarded with a nervous and sceptical eye. We will happily take a few painkillers ourselves or give the dog a flea spray, but then are scared to fertilise and spray our garden plants. All plants need food, the type of food and how much largely depends on where the plant comes from and the job it has grown up or been bred to do. Should your own garden soil or environment differ from the original home these plants are used to, they may need an extra pick-me-up. If they are under the weather, just like humans and other animals, they get the occasional illness or parasite.  If you are unsure what the problem may be or the fertiliser to administer, just ask. It is what we do!


2017 Evergreen Complete Extra Free
2017 Evergreen Multi Seed
2017 Fast Grass Lawn Seed
2017 Tomorite 30pct Free