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Compost, Bark & Soil Mediums

 "A garden is never as good as it will be next year.'"

Thomas Cooper

This is the not so liquid gold of gardening. The trick is to select the right compost for the right purpose and ensure that it is kept refreshed regularly with the appropriate food and water.

We do sell a good range of compost and it is important to choose the one that is best for you. We prefer the soil based composts mixed with the peat free solutions (try them!). We currently sell Levingtons, Westland and John Innes.

Mulch as bark is the very clever answer to weed control and water evaporation: Natures answer to nature! You could always make your own compost from your garden waste and, by the way we do sell composters too!

 Composting kits only £10.00 including a household bin.

2017 Lev Essentials 50l A
2017 Levington Multi 70l A
2017 Champions Compost 50l A
2017 Mgrow All Purp 50l A
2017 Mgrow Moist Con 50l A
2017 Levington Soil Cond 50l A
2017 Manor Farm Multi 50l A
2017 Durston Tub & Basket A
2017 Durston Farm Manure A
2017 Durston Top Soil
2017 Durston Grow In The Bag
2017 Durston Grow Bag B
2017 Colourbed Mulch
2017 Levington Mp 50l A
2017 Lev Multi + J.innes 50l A
2017 Levington Ericaceous 50l A
2017 Lev Rose Tree Shrub A
2017 John Innes Seed A
2017 Gardeners Soil Conditionerg A
2017 Levington Manure 50l A
2017 Jab Farm Manure A
2017 6x Prem Manure A
2017 Levington Top Soil 20l A
2017 Shamrock Moss Peat A
2017 Westland Bed & Border A
2017 Westland Dec Mini Bark A
2017 Westland Landscape Bark A
2017 Cambark Cunky Chip A
2017 Jab Mulch & Mix A
2017 Lev Gro Bag A
2017 Miracle Gro Fruit & Veg A
2017 Lev Tomato Planter A