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Garden Furniture

"Fashion fades – Style is eternal"

Yves St Laurent

All of our furniture is selected by us on the following simple basis:- we like it, it looks good, it’s the best quality, its easy to look after and it’s comfortable. We test drive all of our furniture before importing it to ensure that these points are thoroughly covered. Whatever make you choose, make it bold, make it stylish but most of all, make it comfortable.

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All-weather Resin Weave

Resin weave furniture is in fact PVC furniture; resin is the type of PVC used. Like any product resin comes in as ma...

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Cast & Lightweight Aluminium

Our metal-based garden furniture includes our most contemporary and our most classic lines.

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Wooden garden furniture is close to the human soul because it was born of organic means and we can understand it.

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Stone Garden Furniture

We sell figures and features from the small to the large; the traditional to the new. Whether you own a hundred acre...

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