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Landscape Aggregates and Paving

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

 Marcel Proust

Hard landscaping takes on different forms, one of which is paving. Our paving is made to order and we are always on hand to advise the most suitable finish for your situation. You can also be assured that all our paving has been cast from the same mould.

What on earth is an aggregate? It's another name for chippings, and these we sell by the bag. Chippings can be used for creating paths and driveways, mulched areas and dressing the top of pots. As you will see below, they are available in different forms, colours and sizes and many are offered on multi-buy. Add a professional touch to your garden!

2016 Blue Slate
2016 Golden Gravel
2016 Golden Flint
2016 Cotswold Chippings
2016 Cheshire Pink
2016 Oyster Pearl
2016 Horti Coarse Grit
2016 Plum Slate
2016 Scottish Rockery
2016 Royal Combination
2016 Highland Cobbles
2016 Yorkshire Gold
2016 Canterbury Spar
2016 Pea Gravel 10mm
2016 Pea Gravel 20mm
2016 White Spar
2016 Spanish White Pebbles
2016 Scottish Pebbles
2016 Scottish Cobbles
2016 Sharp Sand Silver Sand
2016 Play Sand