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"Every garden is unique with a multitude of choices in soils, plants and themes. Finding your garden theme is as easy as seeing what brings a smile to your face."

Teresa Watkins

Hard Landscaping is all those things that make up the underlying fabric of your garden. In essence, the bricks and mortar, the fence and post, patio and paving'. There are endless combinations to consider. Think of your garden as you would the inside of your house, allocate functions for each area and then build in those functions using sheds, greenhouses, sleepers, paving, decking or whichever combination of 'bones', or fabric you choose to use. The better the bones, the better the end result. Hard Landscaping is, quite simply, the bones of your garden, and you should give your garden beautiful bones.

We have placed sheds and greenhouses in this category just to keep you extra busy, and because we couldn't think where else to put them.


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Fencing & Decking

The thing about using a product made from a plant is that it blends easily, harmonizes and speaks to the rest of the...

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Landscaping Aggregates & Paving

Hard landscaping takes on different forms and one of those forms is paving. Our paving is made to order so you won't...

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Sheds, Chalets & Buildings

Sheds can vary in size, shape, finish and quality. Our best advice is to check them all out and then buy the best yo...

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Greenhouses & Accessories

The first modern greenhouses were built in Italy in the 13th century to house exotic plants that explorers brought b...

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Play Equipment & Play Houses

Our play equipment ranges from the large structures of swings, slides and would be castles, to the more adult games ...

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Chicken Houses, Vegetable Beds & Composting

We have a great range of chicken houses, runs and equipment. If you have any queries just call us and we will let yo...

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Pots & Containers

It just is not natural to grow a plant in a pot, if it were we would be finding pot-shaped structures everywhere in ...

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Stoneware, Statues & Features

We sell figures and features from the small to the large; the traditional to the new. Whether you own a hundred acre...

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