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 "The No.1 killer of tropical fish in this country is having your neighbours feeding your fish."

Rick Johnson

Looking to start your own aquarium? Even if you're not, a visit to Ransoms Pets and Aquatics department will delight all pet and fish lovers.

Ransoms have the perfect solution for tropical and cold water fish. Come and see our comprehensive range of fish and fish food, aquariums, filters, pumps, heaters, lighting in all shapes and sizes, water test kits, aquarium decorations and more. We even sell traditional round fish bowls! See our current multi-buy offers on fish, both tropical and cold water below:


2016 African Cichlid
2016 African Cichlid Lge
2015 Angelfish1
2016 Barbs
2015 Black Neon Tetra
2015 Bolivian Ram
2015 Cardinal Tetra
2015 Clown Loach
2016 Congo Tetra
2015 Cory Asstd1
2015 Discus Assorted
2015 Emperor Purple Tetra1
2015 Fighter Female1
2016 Fighter Male
2016 Flying Fox
2015 German Ram1
2015 Danio1
2015 Glowlight Tetra1
2015 Gourami1
2015 Guppy1
2015 Head & Taillight1
2015 Honey Gourami2
2015 Lemon Tetra1
2015 Molly1
2015 Neon Tetra
2015 Penguintetra
2015 Platy
2016 Rainbow Fish
2015 Rasbora Tetra
2015 Serpae Tetra
2016 Red Tailblackruby Shark
2015 Silvertip Tetra
2015 Sucking Loach
2015 Synodontis
2016 Tiger Barb
2016 Swordtails
2015 X Ray Tetra
2015 Plecostomus